We are pleased to partner with the operators of the Heceta Head Lighthouse B&B to help fund various projects to preserve the Bed & Breakfast facility. In 2020 and 2021, they will have had to install a new septic system and drain field, and drill a new well. These three major initiatives have drained their resources, making it challenging to keep up the continual costs of maintaining a special historic building.


Message from the operators: The pandemic is draining us.  Not only have we exhausted $200k we have had in reserve for future restoration projects,  we have spent the budget for next year’s revenue with very few reservations to look forward to.   Although the PPP loan did get us through the quarantine and we will qualify for the next round too, it will not get us through all the hurdles.   This year we have lost most of our events, and we are down, dramatically, in room rentals,  due to COVID restrictions. At the same time, it is costing much more to navigate the new guidelines. Additionally, the State park was closed so our gift shop suffered, nor did we receive donations from the historic tours we offer in the interpretive center.