Wildfire Tree Replanting Fund

We are funding the replanting of forests and parks affected by Oregon’s recent wildfires. These funds are being used to grow, purchase, and plant seedlings to help ensure that Oregon’s forests survive for generations to come.


We are removing the biggest impediment to getting school groups to Oregon’s parks – transportation.

The Ticket2Ride program is providing 3rd-5th grade students in Title I schools an opportunity to experience Oregon’s parks for hands-on learning and exploration – what a perfect outdoor science laboratory!

Oregon parks have accessible locations available to offer inspirational & effective learning experiences – and are able to support and enhance learning for thousands of students each year. We are providing the missing link … funding transportation to the parks. Learn more about the teacher application and granting process.

Oregon Coast Hiker/Biker Camp Enhancement

We are building a network of 11 hiker/biker shelters along the 362-mile Oregon Coast. These shelters will enable hikers on the Oregon Coast Trail and cyclists on the Oregon Coast Bikeway to stop at hiker/biker camping areas in state parks to lock bikes, gear, and food; charge electronic devices like cell phones; repair bikes; and fill tires and water bottles.

Cottonwood Crossing Summer Institute

We are pleased to continue supporting a summer program for high school students at Cottonwood Canyon State Park that we incubated, but is now run by Eastern Oregon University. Our current role is to raise scholarship funds and to raise funds and supplies for the solar energy classes.

Electric All-Terrain Wheelchairs

We have partnered with David’s Chair Outdoor Mobility Systems to raise funds to be able to place electric all-terrain wheelchairs near select parks in Oregon. The wheelchairs make it possible for people with mobility limitations to enjoy the natural and historic wonders of the outdoors, giving them access to areas previously off-limits due to challenging terrain.

Projects Under Development

Track Trails

We are working on a project to offer a sort of Nature Scavenger hunt called Track Trails on as many as 50 existing trails across the state. By adding kiosks with brochures that kids can use as guides to things to look for on the trail, we provide interest and excitement to their hike, and the chance to get prizes when they finish.

Oregon Cares For Parks

We are seeking to emulate a program that has been successful in Michigan for eight years called Michigan Cares For Tourism. In this stewardship program, large groups of volunteers are brought together for two-day fix-ups at park properties that have suffered from deferred maintenance and have been deemed important to tourism. This program would be accomplished in partnership with multiple agencies and non-profits. More information will be added as it becomes available.

Our Ongoing Priorities: Preserving what has already been built; Increasing Environmental Education, Accessibility, and Healthy Activities

  • Protecting and restoring the facilities, amenities, and trails that have already been built.
  • Enhancements to improve the hiking, cycling, and camping experience in Oregon parks.
  • Providing funds for activities and/or facilities for students to learn about the natural and historic treasures in our parks.
  • Developing programs and activities in parks for under-served communities.
  • Developing programs and projects to increase park accessibility.
  • Developing relationships with companies to offset park operating costs.
  • Securing donated land for parks.
  • Supporting State Park Friends Groups.
  • Funding educational and interpretive opportunities.

Questions about our current projects? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.