Here’s what people are saying about Oregon Parks

We really enjoyed hearing the stories people shared about their recent park experiences here in Oregon. People love our parks, and it shows! Here are a few of the things people shared with us. If you are able, would you help support our parks with a donation today?

Wallowa Lake State Park (near LaGrande)

“I just love the “feel” of this park! It’s near a lot of activities that we like to do. The staff/Rangers were always so friendly and helpful. WE WILL BE BACK!”

Many parks along the coast

“Loved having the employees at the tide pools to ask questions! They were knowledgeable and friendly and really made my experience better.”

South Beach State Park (near Newport)

“We love to yurt camp as my husband uses a wheelchair. I love that the beach is so close.”

Lava Lake (Deschutes National Forest)

“Magical, rejuvenating and soul healing.”

Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area (near Pendleton)

“The park was beautiful, campsites clean and not crowded, lovely hiking trails, saw orchids in the forest, best interpretive program given by a knowledgeable ranger. This was the best park experience we’ve perhaps ever had. Oregon Parks ROCK!!! After this stay we went down the coast to South Beach near Newport and it was a great experience also!”

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