We are expanding our reach!

This year, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our organization. As we reflect on our accomplishments, we also look to the future in which our work will contribute to the well-being of not only our state parks, but all federal, state, local, and tribal lands across the state. We have decided to expand our reach.

While continuing our commitment to provide environmental education opportunities and healthy activities within our parks, we will also be broadening our focus to address the growing concern of deteriorating buildings and amenities in our parks. Due to chronic under-funding and continual wear and tear, this “deferred maintenance” in parks state-wide is estimated at over one billion dollars. By developing and funding stewardship programs to help maintain and restore existing facilities, we will be positioned to enhance and preserve Oregon parks—now and for generations to come.

To better reflect these new opportunities and to declare our continued interest in all parks across the state, we are changing our name to Oregon Parks Forever.

We face our organization’s future with optimism, secure in the knowledge that Oregonians share our passion for the outdoors, and our commitment to Oregon parks. We will remain a statewide, member-funded organization and will endeavor to improve the well-being of all parks across the state.

Our members are essential to our success and we sincerely appreciate your on-going support.